A Birder's Delight

The mystery of flight, combined with the delicacy and elegance of the creatures that soar through the air, has made birds an object of fascination and even reverence since ancient times. In Turks & Caicos, you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy the majesty of over 170 species of birds in their natural habitat, from ospreys to oystercatchers, to cuckoos, king fishers, and more. Lounging at your Provo villa, you won’t even have to put down your cocktail to marvel at such coastal species as herons, egrets, and terns (it helps to have binoculars handy), but it’s definitely worthwhile to venture out to some of the more remote spots on the islands as well. For the best overall experience, we recommend either the Northwest Point National Park or the West Harbour Bluff. And if ease of access is a top concern, you might try Bird Rock Trail, a site recently established by the Turks & Caicos National Trust.

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