An Archipelago of Cultures in One Park

One of the main reasons visitors flock to Turks & Caicos is to get away from all the stressors of everyday life and enjoy the majestic luxury and seclusion of the islands. So we understand if you’d prefer to spend all your days with us relaxing on the sands of your beach-side villa, soaking in the soothing sounds of the sea. But if you find yourself longing to experience the vibrant and variegated local cultures, we recommend Bight’s Park, where every Thursday evening from 5:30 to 9:30 the Island Fish Fry brings together dozens of entertainers and food vendors from across the archipelago to give you a taste of what islanders have to offer. A mélange of aromas permeates the air—boiling lobster in giant pots, sizzling fresh fish, island corn grilling over hot coals—as do the sounds of popular local bands like Lee & the Force and Keno & Kaz Alroy & Daz. Youth dance troupes, island storytellers, and specialty artisans will also be showcasing their work for you to enjoy.

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