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Thu, 07-07-2022

Beach Enclave Girls' Trip: Experience Turks and Caicos Paradise With Your BFFs

If we've learned anything from Sex and the City, it's that your girlfriends are your real soulmates.

Yes, romantic getaways are delightful, but nothing brings a gal to life like an escape with her best friends.
If you're like many busy adults, the neverending demands of work and family life have repeatedly hindered bonding time. Perhaps you're now limited to the occasional happy hour or birthday bash. What you need, however, are multiple carefree days of connection — time to leisurely enjoy one another's company without fretting over errands and deadlines.
The answer? A Turks and Caicos beach vacation at Beach Enclave. This is your chance to embrace island life with your favorite group of gals. With housekeepers and butlers to tend to all the details, you'll feel free to truly relax.
Beach Enclave is the perfect destination for your girls' trip. Our luxurious private accommodations aren't exclusively meant for romance or family — they're perfect for cultivating closer connections with good friends. We also offer a variety of activities ranging from calming to thrilling.
Not sure what the perfect Turks and Caicos beach experience might look like? Below, we've highlighted just a few of the many ways you and your BFFs can spend your time at Beach Enclave.

Indulge in a Villa-Based Spa Day

Remember your earliest experiences with spa life? Perhaps you and your girlfriends painted your nails, wore face masks, and placed cucumbers over your eyes. You quickly discovered that, with the right supplies, hanging out in your basement or dorm could be just as fun as hitting the town.
As we get older, we tend to transition to hotel spas — but the quaint, at-home spa experience never truly loses its appeal. Why not relive it during your Turks and Caicos beach vacation?
Beach Enclave can bring you the best of both worlds: the privacy and nostalgia of your original DIY spa adventures, plus the sophistication of an upscale day spa. We'll take care of every detail, delivering the best products and creating a calm environment conducive to bonding with your girlfriends. 

Enjoy a Private Dining Experience

If you love gourmet dining but prefer to gather somewhere comforting, you're in luck: when you stay at Beach Enclave, you and your girlfriends can enjoy expertly prepared meals within your private villa. This is your opportunity to take a culinary adventure like no other.
Forget about meal planning, making reservations, or dealing with transportation. When Beach Enclave is your dining destination, world-class cuisine is the sole focus.
Throughout each meal, your chef and butler will ensure that you feel pampered. From dietary restrictions to culinary preferences, no detail is too small. Finally, you and your girlfriends can concentrate on exquisite flavors and the cheerful conversations that accompany them.

 turks caicos luxury exclusive butler adventure girls getaway

Experience the Thrill of Water Sports

Ready to try something new? You'll receive all the support and motivation you need as you hit the water in a kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard. All this would be fun on your own, but it's way better with your girlfriends present to cheer you on.
No matter which activities sound appealing, you can count on our experts at Beach Enclave to level up your beach experience. We offer easy access to all the equipment you need, plu plenty of advice and encouragement. You and your companions will even be outfitted with private masks and fins for snorkeling.
Ready to step up and experience the thrill of kiteboarding? Look to the certified instructors from Big Blue Collective for exceptional instruction. No matter your athletic abilities or kiteboarding experience, these experts will help your group feel safe and confident as you find a whole new way to embrace beach life. 

Find Your Zen During a Yoga Retreat

Yoga can be amazing as a solitary pursuit, but it takes on a whole new spiritual dimension when experienced with close friends. Now, add the blissful backdrop of a pristine beach — you have all the makings of a zen paradise.
Beach Enclave's exclusive yoga retreats deliver fully customizable — and decidedly life-changing — experiences, complete with intention setting, meditation, gratitude journaling, and more.
Who better to join you for this contemplative journey than your beloved girlfriends? Together, you will nurture mind, body, and soul. The insights and deeper connections you gain will remain with you long after you've returned home.

Take a Turks and Caicos Day Trip

Perhaps you and your girlfriends are all about exploring. Yes, your private villa is a great base of operations — but you really crave to see the islands in all their glory.
Beach Enclave takes the stress out of the experience so you can focus on the joy of discovery. We'll help you plan the ultimate day trip, customized based on your idea of vacation perfection. Discover the best of North or Middle Caicos with your best friends at your side — and don't forget to snap plenty of photos.
If you need inspiration, our concierge team can give you a wealth of ideas. We'll clue you in on all the hidden gems that other visitors miss. Favorites include Flamingo Pond and Wade's Green Plantation — but there are also plenty of ponds, gardens, and beautiful stretches of beach to be explored. 

Beach Enclave: Discover Paradise Alongside Your Best Friends

Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or a healthy dose of both, you can find it with your girlfriends by your side. Make picture-perfect memories during the ultimate Turks and Caicos beach vacation. Contact us today and let our Beach Enclave team personalize a curated itinerary for you and your BFFs.


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