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Wed, 11-02-2022

The Top 6 Luxury Travel Trends in 2022 and How They Shape the Beach Enclave Experience

The travel industry has come a long way in a few short years. These days, vacationers have high expectations — particularly when they book luxury getaways. This was clearly evident during Travel Weekly's recent Luxury Roundtable, which uncovered some of the most impactful trends in upscale travel.

Held in Turks and Caicos, the Luxury Roundtable revealed what we've long suspected: travelers crave curated, meaningful experiences. Below, we dive into what, exactly, this means and how it plays out at Beach Enclave's luxury villas in Turks and Caicos.

What Is Luxury Travel?

Luxury travel can be difficult to define, as this concept is incredibly subjective. Styles or activities that seem luxurious to one person may feel decidedly ordinary to someone else. For this reason, personalization is central to the modern ideal of luxury travel.

Essentially, this means that vacationers prefer customized services. They also desire plenty of opportunities for personal pampering. The more exclusive and unique, the more luxurious the vacation.

 Luxury Travel Trends for 2022

At surface level, the basics of luxury travel have seemed similar for quite some time. Beautiful views, gourmet dining, and spacious, upscale accommodations have always appealed to travelers with a taste for the finer things.

As we've discussed, however, customization opportunities are increasingly important. This will quickly become evident as you examine the 2022 luxury travel trends highlighted below:

1. Safe Travel

Safety has always been a priority, but preferred strategies have varied considerably over time. These days, it's not necessary to limit your travel bucket list due to safety concerns. Instead, a combination of gated entrances and technologically advanced security measures promise much-needed peace of mind. Safety may also encompass transportation straight from the plane to your Turks and Caicos beach resort.

2. Personalized Travel

The tourist industry may be vast, but that does not mean that you need to feel like just another anonymous traveler. It is easy to feel lost within major hotel chains, so many vacationers are instead turning to luxury villas and other personalized digs, where they feel thoroughly pampered.

Choose the right destination, and you will quickly realize that personalization can be built into every aspect of your excursion. Examples include:

  • Dining. If you have specific dietary preferences or restrictions, you can count on talented chefs to both nourish and delight you. This should remove the typical guesswork from vacation dining, leaving you to simply enjoy the exquisite meals that have been prepared specifically with your palate in mind.
  • Butler services. Today's butlers look little like the historic imagery that may come to mind when you hear this often-misunderstood title. Dedicated butlers get to know you and your traveling companions so thoroughly that they can anticipate your needs. From stocking the kitchen to unpacking luggage and even providing turndown service, these butlers bring a personal touch to every detail, so you feel cared for during every moment of your stay.

 3. Customized Experiences

This concept overlaps with the personalized trends highlighted above, but with an important caveat: it is increasingly evident that curated experiences are just as important as personalized accommodations.

Whether hiking, surfing, or sightseeing, there is something to be said for detailed itineraries that are planned specifically with your skill set, interests, and comfort in mind. Instead of stressing over when to leave, what to

 pack, or how to prepare for your excursion, curated options allow you to relax and enjoy without fretting over the details.


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4. Experiential Travel

Relaxation and excitement are essential, but travel should also be a learning experience. This is central to the appeal of experiential travel, in which you strive to see new places through the eyes of locals. Often, this means going beyond 'typical' activities and instead, diving in with local pursuits you might otherwise never encounter. Physical activity, in particular, is in demand. As Beach Enclave's Vasco Borges explained during the Luxury Roundtable, "People want to touch things and do things."

For example: when staying in luxury villas in Turks and Caicos, kiteboarding is a must-try experience. Providenciales boasts some of the world's best kiteboarding, complete with gorgeous views and shallow waters. Experiential travel can also take on a meditative component, with private yoga and meditation sessions encouraging you to live in the moment.

5. Wow Factor

When you think back on the best vacations, what do you picture? In all likelihood, a few spectacular moments stand out. The first time you encounter an expansive stretch of beach, for example, you may be blown away by the soft sand and turquoise water. These impactful moments are also likely when you embark on experiential day trips. Adventures such as cave visits can make you feel as if you have entered a world unto its own.

Done right, even small moments deliver that much-needed wow factor. Dining provides the perfect example. Every time you sit down for a meal within your luxury villa, you will encounter a beautifully prepared dish that delights all the senses.

6. Attention to Detail

We all crave awe-inspiring experiences, but do not forget some of the biggest vacation joys involve those small, unexpected moments made possible by subtle details. This is true for everything from decor to dining, and, of course, curated experiences.

Attention to detail can take many forms, but it's always appreciated. Examples that are sure to delight in 2022 include:

  • Local touches. Ingredients, artwork, and furniture are all far more meaningful when they have been produced locally. Support for local businesses may also encompass journeys with regional guides, classes taught by local experts, or even photography sessions that highlight the area's most intriguing gems.
  • Wellness opportunities. Detail-oriented travel aims not only to create happy memories, but also, to help vacationers feel as healthy and vibrant as possible. Travel wellbeing can quickly be boosted by simple touches, such as incorporating local produce in meals or adding subtle solutions that help you get a better night's sleep.

Stay on Trend with a Beach Enclave Luxury Vacation to Turks and Caicos

Beach Enclave's curated approach to luxury travel is perfect in keeping with the latest trends, but we were all about personalization before it was popular. Discover for yourself the power of an exclusive, highly customized vacation experience — book your Turks and Caicos beach resort getaway today.


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