Whale Watching During Your Beach Enclave Stay
Sat, 12-17-2022

Whale Watching During Your Beach Enclave Stay

When you slow down and draw close to some of the ocean's largest gentle giants, the world seems to pause in awe.

Find a new perspective on your own life's nuances as you feel the sea breeze, smell the salty sea air, and watch humpback whales enjoy the warm, sparkling Caribbean waters. It really is that easy here. If your visit to the islands falls between the months of January and March, you will experience peak humpback whale watching season--all that is left is to find time and space to look.


Humpback Whales in the Winter: A Yearly Pilgrimage

Humpback Whales typically spend the summer months in northern waters, where they find the best feeding grounds. During this time of year, the best whale watching tends to occur in northern latitudes, the Gulf of Maine, for instance, and the waters around Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. This is the season for eating their fill of krill and stockpiling those nourishing riches in the form of blubber.

When the weather begins to turn, humpbacks follow their ancient instincts south toward warmer climates, where they mate and bear young. They typically fast during these winter months, relying on the feeding they did during their time up north. This is the time when humpback whales can be frequently spotted in the Caribbean and, further south, in the Pacific islands from Hawaii to the Philippines.

During the winter, humpbacks can be spotted throughout the Caribbean, but the TCI are among the best spots to watch (or listen for) the action. Male whales communicate by singing their unmistakable songs, which you might get a chance to hear if you are swimming in the waters nearby. Most whale songs are the cry of a male searching for a mate. Whales also communicate with their bodies by slapping the water with their tails, breaching (jumping fully out of the water), and other behaviors.

When watching for whales, usually the first indicator that a humpback is nearby will be the "spouts," or fountains of water pushed out of the whale's blowhole. Those fountains are visible from far away and can reach several feet into the air. You might also spot tail slaps--the incredible splash created by a huge tail slamming down onto the water--or, if you are particularly lucky, a full breach.


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Where to Go Humpback Whale Watching in Turks and Caicos

If you want whale watching to be a focal point of your trip, you will need to plan your visit to Beach Enclave Turks & Caicos for the winter months. January, February, and March are all prime months for viewing. All you need to see the drama are your eyes--and a bit of patience. You can spot the telltale blow spouts and tail flaps from the beach, particularly from prime spots facing the Columbus Passage (the waterway separating Salt Cay and Grand Turk). You can also book a whale watching charter if you want to get a closer look. Some boat tours and charters even encourage swimming with the whales; truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, if you keep a respectful distance.


Why Go Humpback Whale Watching in the Caribbean?

It is hard to describe the experience of seeing a whale breach from a pristine, white-sand beach in Providenciales. The natural beauty seems to seep in through your pores. The sound of the waves and the calls of the birds, the feel of the warm, soft breeze, and the immaculate surroundings do more than distract you from your stressors; they actually filter them out, replacing them with beauty and peace. You will be hard-pressed to find a better place to watch humpback whales during their southern migration, particularly if you want to be surrounded by idyllic beauty like you will find in Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos.


Beach Enclave Makes It Easy to Add Unforgettable Experiences to Your Itinerary

During your stay at Beach Enclave, you will enjoy the best of amenities to facilitate experiences that connect you to the things that matter most: your loved ones, your goals, and your inner peace. Booking a whale watching tour or enjoying a few hours on a Providenciales beach is as easy as deciding to go, thanks to the Beach Enclave concierge and support staff.

Expand your trip by first allowing Beach Enclave to welcome you in, then venturing out to explore more of TCI's uninhabited cays, and you will enjoy a view of the natural Caribbean world that few people ever slow down enough to appreciate. Providenciales is also home to some of the world's best watersports, from kiteboarding to fishing and snorkeling. Do not worry about running out of things to do during your visit. No matter your preferences, expect an effortless booking process, thanks to our concierges. We can make all the arrangements required.

Book a stay at Beach Enclave Turks & Caicos and enjoy a full array of amenities and experiences. After you have explored to your heart's content, relax in the embrace of your own private, unattached villa or suite in Beach Enclave's safe, gated community, and settle in for a restorative evening of unmatched comfort. You might never want to leave. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service experience on the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. 



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