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From One Island to Another: Visit Little Water Cay

From One Island to Another: Visit Little Water Cay

November 15, 2016

Just 500 yards away from Providenciales lies a tiny island accessible only by boat or kayak. This pristine island known as Little Water Cay, a protected nature reserve, is uninhabited by humans. It is, however, home to one special species: The Turks and Caicos rock iguana.

While the rock iguana used to live throughout the Turks and Caicos, the species are now only found on Little Water Cay and other small cays. The population has declined heavily, in large part due to predators such as cats and dogs, and the local rock iguana is now classified as critically endangered. A trip to Little Water Cay gives you the opportunity to see these endangered animals—there are 2,200 rock iguanas on the island—up close in their natural habitat.

Little Water Cay can be reached by boat, or you can rent kayaks from Big Blue Unlimited and paddle across the channel. Two boardwalks allow visitors to easily navigate the island and get a closer look at the rock iguanas who call the island home. Pack a lunch and make a day out of it. Aside from the iguanas, Little Water Cay is home to a stunning beach that you just may have all to yourself.

However you decide to get to Little Water Cay, it's a must-see for visitors. Because sometimes, you just need to get away from a bigger island to a smaller one, where iguanas roam free and there's not another soul around.

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