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Race Your Sailing Heart Out

Race Your Sailing Heart Out

February 03, 2017

A fun-filled beach day on the island is always at hand, and this Valentine’s Day weekend isn’t about to make an exception to a good rule. Pack a lunch for two and maybe a few chocolate-dipped strawberries. Sail away with your sweetheart during the loveliest event of the spring season.

Everybody is encouraged to sign up and set sail this Valentine’s Day for a festival dedicated to the traditional craft of model sailboats. Saturday, February 18th marks the 17th-straight lap, so to speak, of the Valentine’s Day Cup Model Sailboat Races, which always takes place along the golden margin of Bambarra Beach in Middle Caicos.

Based on last year’s event it’s expected there will be five race classes, including three for large, medium, and small-scale boats respectively, the Ladies League for daring heroines, and the Premiers Cup Challenge, where sailors leave the landlubbers in their wake and the competition is at its most fierce.

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