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Take a Wellness Escape- and Bring That Relaxing- Island- Feeling Back Home with You

Take a Wellness Escape- and Bring That Relaxing- Island- Feeling Back Home with You

September 21, 2018

Here we walk the walk (and eat the wheatgrass smoothie) when it comes to being active, eating healthy, and connecting with the healing power of nature. Here are some of our secrets to enjoying a holistic getaway, and some tips to bring home with you.

1. Outdoor Yoga. Our daily yoga program hosted by Retreat Yoga and Wellness showcases the beauty of our yoga deck at our North Shore property. As you flow from mountain to downward dog to cobra pose, the sparkling sea dazzles before you, ocean breezes caress your cheeks, and the scent of salt air floats through the air. You are one with nature.
Tip to take home: Find a beautiful natural setting near your house—whether it’s your garden or a nearby park—and set up your yoga mat.

2. Island-inspired Healthy Eating. After an active day of kiteboarding and other exhilarating water sports at our Long Bay property, slated to open in November, guests can enjoy catered lunches consisting of muscle- recovery smoothies, juices, power bars, and other healthy, holistic treats– all served in their own private villa by Retreat Kitchen, a vegetarian café and juice bar.
Tip to take home: Bring back some island-inspired recipes to continue your healthy eating back home.

3. Healing Scents that Fill the Air. Studies have shown how plant-based essential oils and skin care products can enhance holistic wellness, which is why we place in our rooms ultrasonic diffusers researched and designed by Saje Natural Wellness. Each diffuser emits a purifying aroma—for sleep, relaxation, awake, or energizing—that adds healing negative ions to the air. When our next villa resort at Long Bay opens for rentals on November 1, you can rest assured that each suite will contain exclusive diffuser aromatherapy. In addition, Saje’s aromatherapy mists harmonize the body and mind with one spray of hydrating essence. Our latest are our newly launched energizing mists, perfect for anyone needing a little pick-me-up.
Tip to take home: Enjoy a wellness boost even in your fast-paced lifestyle with a pocket-size pharmacy. Hop online to purchase a convenient-size kit that is perfect for anyone on the go.

Beach Enclave is devoted to healthy, holistic living. But it’s not something that has to be left behind when you board the plane. Our promise to you is that we can help you develop healthy habits that don’t stay on vacation—they come home with you.

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