Hurricane Policy

Travel Insurance Recommended

Beach Enclave strongly advocates the purchase of Travel Insurance in order to minimize any potential financial loss, as Beach Enclave is under no legal obligation to offer any form of compensation related to any storm event. The following policy offered as a gesture of goodwill and without prejudice applies to the hotel portion of the stay only. All airline related questions and policies should be directed to the appropriate carrier.

Message Board Updates

In the event of an imminent hurricane, Beach Enclave will post regular advisories on their website to inform guests of the travel dates covered by the Hurricane Policy. The message board will be updated for as long as it is necessary. If your travel date is not specified, standard cancellation/no-show penalties will apply. Beach Enclave utilizes the official website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (, to determine projected path and strength probabilities. If a storm has been declared a hurricane and the property appears within the “Cone of Influence” on the 3-Day Tracking Map, the following policies and procedures will apply.

On Property Guests

If guests feel the need to leave, Beach Enclave will issue a hotel credit valid for travel July 15 through December 18 for the number of nights interrupted. In the event that guests are forced to extend their stay due to storm-related flight delays, Beach Enclave will charge a distressed traveler nightly rate for each extended night, to be paid upon departure.

In the event an official hurricane warning is issued:

If guests have to be evacuated to a shelter (as a result of an actual Hurricane or as per instruction from the local authorities) we will waive the charge for the night(s) that our guests remain in the shelter. Once the guests return to the hotel, with all basic services available food, beverage, and lodging with running water and electricity we will start charging for a normal stay.

If clients remain in the hotel and basic services are not affected for more than 24 hours, we will charge as a normal day and no reimbursements will be made. If basic services are interrupted for more than 24 hours, we will waive the charges of the nights where the basic services were not available.

Arriving Guests

In the event that guests are unable to arrive as scheduled due to flight cancellations or property closure, the following options are offered:

Guests may elect to arrive within 30 days after the storm has passed for the same number of nights without an increase in the nightly rate. In this case, Beach Enclave will make every effort to confirm the dates and original category. Alternatively, you can stay for fewer nights, in which case Beach Enclave will issue a hotel credit valid for travel July 15 through December 18 for the number of nights not used (subject to availability at the resort).

Guests will have the option to reschedule their future trip on dates other than July 15 through December 18, but will have to cover the corresponding difference in rates if any.

If the resort is damaged and remains closed for an extended period of time, guests may elect to postpone arrival for more than 30 days after the storm has passed. Beach Enclave will authorize a full (Resort Only) credit for travel July 15 through December 18. Beach Enclave will guarantee the original rate and Villa category as long as there is availability.

Cancellations, No Shows, and Departures

For any cancellation, no-show, or early departures due to an imminent hurricane threat, no penalties will be charged.

Please note that a threat is imminent when an actual hurricane (category 1 or higher) is headed and likely to directly hit Beach Enclave within 72 hrs, according to the forecasts issued by the NOAA. Tropical depressions, tropical storms, heavy rain or wind, and bad weather, in general, are not considered hurricanes, therefore, the above hurricane season policy will not apply.

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